WOODLINKS® Certification

The Goal: WOODLINKS® Certification

Schools must complete a Student Enrolment Form to ensure that students are eligible for WOODLINKS® certification. The completed form must be sent to the Wood Manufacturing Council for administrative purposes. Certification examinations are provided to the school prior to the scheduled exam date.  Please refer to the Certification Process outline for additional information.

The Certification Process

Certification Elements

WOODLINKS® certification is currently awarded at two levels, Introductory and Advanced. Certification may be acquired at both levels.

Students who apply for WOODLINKS® certification are required to:

  • write the WOODLINKS® certification exam at the appropriate level.
  • take an online* multiple-choice exam set and managed by WOODLINKS® Canada.
  • undergo a WOODLINKS® Teacher Evaluation at the appropriate level.

The WOODLINKS® teacher must consult with students and complete a WOODLINKS® Practical Skills Checklist for each individual. The teacher then signs it and sends it to WOODLINKS®.

*Under certain circumstances paper-based testing may be done on request.

Certification Grading

Student performance on the WOODLINKS® certification examination is equal to 40% of the certification score.

The WOODLINKS® teacher’s evaluation of student in-class performance (the Practical Skills Checklist) is equal to 60% of the certification score.

Both testing and completion of the Practical Skills Checklist is mandatory to qualify for certification.

To be awarded certification, a student must score a combined grade of at least 70% from the certification exam and the teacher evaluation, for either level (Introduction or Advanced). Full certification is recognized after the completion of both Introductory and Advanced Wood Products Manufacturing programs.

Certification Fees

A certification fee* of $50 per level is administered each time a student applies for certification. A student may apply for certification as many times as desired.

*NOTE: Certification fees for Canadian Schools have been waived at this time in the interest of expanding the WOODLINKS® program across Canada. It is anticipated that a nominal fee will be re-instated in the future. The fees are still applicable where the program is delivered through third party facilities and other training providers.

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