Wood-in-the-Box (abbreviated as WIB) is the WOODLINKS® program resource package designed to help educators in registered WOODLINKS® schools deliver the WOODLINKS® wood products manufacturing curriculum. This package is mailed to newly registered schools.

WIB includes:

  • curriculum modules
  • sub-sector modules
  • renewal forms
  • student enrollment forms
  • certification guide
  • supplier information and forms
  • a study guide (binder)
  • technical manuals
  • texts
  • reports
  • trade journals
  • technical articles
  • video/workbook resources

The contents of WIB are reviewed on a regular basis to ensure continued relevance to the curriculum and currency of topics. Reference to these resources and how they support suggested instructional strategies to satisfy prescribed learning outcomes is contained in the WOODLINKS® curriculum.

For more information or to order Wood-in-the-Box, please contact: melissa@wmc-cfb.ca

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