Program Benefits

Becoming a WOODLINKS® teacher is a rewarding experience. You’ll provide your students with life-long skills and an opportunity to turn those skills into an exciting career as soon as they leave high school, whether they enter the workforce directly or continue their education at one of several post-secondary institutions.

WOODLINKS® teachers are forward thinking and…

  • provide career pathways to young people who are technically inclined, creative problem-solvers, and like working with their hands.
  • open young minds to the broad spectrum of opportunities in the advanced wood manufacturing industry.
  • are committed to their own professional development to enhance teaching excellence.
  • inspire youth to make key decisions that will affect their careers and professional development after high school.
  • guide students towards skilled trades in the wood manufacturing industry, an industry that is willing, ready and excited to accept them.
  • ensure students are equipped with the knowledge, skills and abilities to achieve their WOODLINKS® certification.
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