Sponsoring WOODLINKS® means much more than simply a donation; it’s an investment in your future workforce. You are in a unique position to offer students a chance to explore your industry and to prepare for the many career pathways it has to offer.

The benefits to sponsors are numerous but here are some of the highlights.

Industry and Supplier Sponsors…

  • have access to skilled graduates that are ready for your shop floor.
  • identify and recruit top candidates through experiential learning such as co-op placements and job shadowing.
  • help shape the curriculum, broadening the range of sub-sector specialty modules to include content that matches their company’s specific needs.
  • enhance their public profiles by supporting education aimed at preparing youth for the workforce, bolstering local industries and supporting local economies.
  • increase their brand recognition with logos appearing on shop-floor signage in participating schools and acknowledgement in school communications, where appropriate.
  • stay top-of-mind with prospective employees and customers, building relationships by hosting field trips and providing guest speakers and instructors.

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