Participate in WOODLINKS®

You Can Participate

As an employer in your community, you are always on the lookout for new workers that are a good fit with your company. Why not ensure that the high schools in your region become a supply that meets your demand for skilled workers?

Identify Schools in Your Area

Perhaps you already know of a high school near your business with a woodworking program. Contact WOODLINKS Canada (613 567-5511 or and we’ll let you know if they’re already enrolled. If they’re not, we’ll introduce them to the program and let them know that there are potential jobs with a nearby employer: you.

Support a High School

Sometimes schools have a hard time putting the resources together to accomplish a special project or can use materials you would consider scrap. Let us help you to help them. Let us know if you have any materials that could be of use to a woodworking class.


If there is no specific school you’d care to partner with, you can contribute by sponsoring the WOODLINKS® program. Click on the Sponsorship menu on the left to see sponsorship levels and specific sponsorship benefits that make it worth your while.

Get In Touch: Contact WOODLINKS® Canada.